Submission Info
Anyone can submit an article or photo for the printed magazine or this website. Type your article in any word processor then CUT & PASTE the article into the lower portion of your email box, (usually under the subject box)

If you have a photo you can email it to me as an attachment. If it's a color shot for the cover it must be at least 1MB in size. If it's a Black & White photo for the inside it should be at least 200K. All photos at 1:1 or 3x5 approximately. Make sure it is NOT 72DPI as that is just for viewing on your screen. Email it to me and I'll let you know how it looks and if I can use it.

I have very limited space in the magazine so it's gotta be a good clear shot... unless you want it to look like you were drunk when you took it. As far as articles goes, it should be different then what the writers already write about. Remember... I have limited space and that space is very expensive... so I choose carefully. I get at least 5 or six articles and letters a month but most just complain about a shop or person. If you write something negative about someone be aware that I forward that letter to the person to give them a chance for a rebuttle. It's best if you write something that is positive and funny, that's your best chance at being put into print.

If in doubt about any submission... just email me. I'll give you a quick answer. You may not like it... but then again you might.

                                             Miami Mike